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Our Social Commitment

Business Code of Conduct

Fundamental to the values of Hexcel is the respect for the privacy and dignity of all individuals, as reflected in our Code of Business Conduct. Our salaried employees annually certify their compliance with the Code, which includes a pledge to comply with all applicable laws in the countries where Hexcel does business.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We require our suppliers to comply with certain requirements and to maintain appropriate management systems to ensure adherence to these requirements, including compliance with laws related to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, and laws prohibiting human trafficking and slavery. Hexcel continues to develop its worldwide supplier network and has an established program for supplier quality and compliance auditing. The majority of our supplier spend is from suppliers manufacturing in the U.S., Europe, Japan and South Korea, all regions with a deep respect for human rights.

Anti-Corruption Policy

Hexcel strictly forbids bribery and corruption of any kind. This includes a prohibition on all facilitation payments. Hexcel believes it is essential that we operate with the highest level of integrity in accordance with the Hexcel Values, and compete solely on objective commercial terms. Hexcel has an Anti-Corruption Policy which sets forth our policy, practices and processes on corruption for all Hexcel employees, officers, directors and third party intermediaries world-wide, along with a robust set of internal controls designed to deter, detect and prevent potential violations. We provide our employees with extensive resources and training for the practice of ethics and compliance that correspond with our Hexcel Values and to ensure compliance with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the laws and regulations of other countries where we do business. These resources and training include annual ethics and compliance training for all employees and more detailed anti- corruption training for employees directly interfacing with our customers, suppliers and intermediaries. Hexcel also makes available numerous resources for employees to seek guidance on anti-corruption and other legal matters, and various methods for employees and third parties to report any anti-corruption concerns. We conduct risk based due diligence on all of our third party intermediaries and require them to annually confirm their compliance with global anti-corruption laws and our Anti-Corruption Policy.

Modern Slavery Act Disclosure

We will not tolerate modern slavery, forced or child labor, nor deal with businesses that do. We expect the same of our partners and suppliers in our worldwide supply chain. And, we will act with speed should any audit or accusation uncover a violation of these principles. Learn more:

Conflict Minerals Policy

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Hexcel respects individuals’ privacy and is committed to protecting it.

At Hexcel, we are committed to the security of our products, services and data.

Employee Training

We provide recurring training on relevant ethics, compliance and environmental health and safety topics as well as other laws affecting our global business. In addition, we require targeted groups of employees to complete online training to reinforce their understanding of specific values, laws or regulations that are highly relevant to their roles, such as anti-corruption, antitrust/competition, harassment/discrimination, conflicts of interest and trade compliance.