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CEO Statement

Our Commitment to Environment, Health and Safety (“EHS”)

At Hexcel, we are committed to ensuring a safe workplace for employees, contractors and customers and to protecting the environment of the communities in which we operate. We do this by integrating our values of Accountability, Responsibility, Innovation and One Hexcel into our everyday operational practices, procedures, and behaviors. Our objective is to create a world-class environmental, health, safety, and product stewardship culture focused on preventing injuries, process safety events, and environmental releases.

To meet these expectations, the Hexcel Global EHS Management System includes the following requirements, which we consider foundational and strive to exceed in all we do. Hexcel will:

  • Conduct business ethically and in accordance with Hexcel’s Code of Business Conduct and all applicable laws, regulations, and other compliance obligations.
  • Fully implement and execute the Hexcel Global EHS Management System, which integrates environmental, health, safety, process safety, product stewardship, and sustainability into our daily operations and business practices.
  • Improve the design and safety of our processes, seek energy efficient options, and minimize waste generation through pollution prevention and sustainability strategies.
  • Ensure all products and intermediates are properly registered, meet applicable compliance obligations, and can be used safely for their intended purposes.
  • Provide our employees, customers, and other stakeholders with the information necessary to understand the environmental, health and safety aspects of our operations and products, our EHS performance, and the sustainable future of our products.
  • Design, construct, and operate our facilities using the hierarchy of controls principles in a manner that protects employees and human health while minimizing operational impact on the environment and neighboring communities.
  • Partner with contractors, suppliers, and third-party providers who share our commitment to eliminate work-related injuries, incidents, and environment impact.
  • Provide employees, contractors, and visitors with the skills, knowledge, and tools to create an incident-free workplace.
  • Periodically review our EHS performance, actively seek input from employees, and empower the workforce to participate and lead EHS continuous improvement.

Nick Stanage

Nick Stanage
Chairman, CEO and President

2017 Sustainability Report